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When it comes to your transportation needs, it is important you can find a trucking company that you can trust. At RRR Transportation, we are a full service trucking company primarily specializing in long haul routes from the Southeast to the Northwestern United States. We transport loads such as building materials and flooring from Georgia to the Northwest as well as fresh produce from California. But, our trucking services do not stop there, we can also provide a wide range of services including long haul and refrigerated trucking for all types of goods and commodities. Contact us today for a freight quote and learn more about how we can help.

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Our Specialized Trucking Services

Long Haul & Refrigerated Trucking Services

  • Refrigerated Trucking: Our trucks feature the newest and most efficient refrigeration systems available. This not only results in money savings, which we pass on to our clients, it also guarantees that produce and other temperature sensitive loads are properly controlled and arrive at their destinations safely. Additionally, our trucking company pre-chills trailers so your freight is never put into a hot trailer that takes time to cool off.
  • Produce Delivery and Shipping: We frequently carry produce from California and the Pacific Northwest across the country to the Southeast. Our trucking services utilize team drivers, which allows us to cut travel times in half and ensure consistent deliveries for farm fresh produce.
  • OTR Trucking: Over-the-road (OTR) trucking is defined as any freight that has to cross state lines. The journeys are long and can be stressful for drivers not used to working for a long haul trucking company. However, we only hire highly experienced OTR drivers who are able to handle over-the-road shipments with care. All of our OTR services are completed by team drivers, allowing us to complete shipments quicker and with fewer delays. Additionally, we provide online tracking software that shows you exactly where your freight is in real time.
  • Long Haul Trucking: With our long haul trucking service, we primarily operate in routes from Georgia (and the Southeast) to destinations as far as California and the Pacific Northwest. We can provide refrigerated service when needed, and always include real time freight tracking and temperature management, which is essential for long haul trucking services.
  • Team Drivers: We uses team drivers for all long haul trips across the country. This allows us to cover more ground quickly and complete jobs in half the time, as one driver will rest while the other drives. Team service guarantees quicker and safer deliveries because no time is lost changing loads between trucks or waiting overnight for drivers to rest.
  • Real Time Load Tracking for Freight Shipping: We utilize the latest McLeod software to enhance all of our trucking services. By showing you exactly where your freight is and allowing you to manage temperature in real time, you can rest assured that your shipments will arrive safely and you can schedule accordingly for your delivery’s arrival.

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If you are interested in any of our trucking services or would like to learn more about what sets us apart from other trucking companies in Georgia, call us or contact us online today to request a freight shipping quote.

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As a growing long haul trucking company based out of Calhoun, GA, our mission is to provide world class service by being sensitive to the needs of our customers and maintaining the highest standards of Safety, Environmental Consciousness, & Continuous Improvement.

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