How to Know if Trucker Jobs are Right for You

Trucking jobs require a lot more than just a CDL and a clean driving record. While the right licenses and a history as a safe driver are important, there are other aspects to consider as well.

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Every career takes a certain kind of person. For example, you can picture the kind of person that becomes a used car salesman right? Or what about the man who works an assembly line, or the woman who works a perfume counter? For every job there is a skill set and a personality that is best equipped for that job type. Whether it is for long haul trucking, team driving, or regional delivery, trucker jobs are no different and it is important that your job meet you and your needs.

All About Trucker Jobs

While all trucker jobs have some similarities, it is important to realize is that trucking jobs differ in a variety of ways including in their range and associated responsibilities. Below are some of the most common trucking jobs and the types of work and stress associated with them.

Long Haul Driving

Long haul trucking typically involves routes that travel all of the way from one part of the country to another. For example, as an exclusively long haul company RRR Transportation’s routes start in the Southeast and terminate in the Northwest. Drivers on long haul routes typically earn money based on the number of miles they drive, which is a system that rewards skill, speed, and reliability. As a result, long haul driving usually results in the best pay in the truck driving industry. However, as downside, long haul routes often mean lots of time away from friends and family. Therefore, anyone taking one of these jobs should be prepared to handle that isolation.

Team Driving

Long Haul Trucker Jobs

With team driving two drivers work together on their routes to deliver the same cargo. One team member rests while the other drives thus ensuring safety without sacrificing the ever-important speed and reliability needed for long haul deliveries. Team trucker jobs are often taken by spouses, family members, or best friends, which cuts back on the sense of loneliness that trucking can bring. However, it is important to find a partner with whom you get along and are comfortable living with in the small space of a cab for days or weeks at a time.

Regional Trucking

Regional trucker jobs are usually for services such as local freight delivery. In this case, drivers are often paid hourly and spend much of their time in stressful traffic situations with incredibly tight timelines. One advantage is that these drivers typically have more home time, but they also usually have to load and unload the truck themselves as opposed to more “no touch” jobs like long haul or OTR trucking.

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If you are looking for long haul trucker jobs, RRR Transportation is currently hiring for experienced teams. Based out of Calhoun, GA, our trucking jobs offer great benefits to drivers from throughout the Southeast. To learn more, contact us or apply for our jobs online today by completing our truck driver job application.

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